Step 1: Check your list settings

Welcome! When you created your list, you told us it was for marketing/newsletters, or discussion forum/listserve. We gave you our standard settings.  Before you add subscribers or send mail, review them. You can also see a full list of all settings.

For email marketing lists

Messages Sent From

"Messages Sent From" screenshot

If you'll be sending all messages from the Listbox Composer, choose "Composer Only". "Composer + Email" is better for lists that may prefer the simplicity and lower overhead of sending messages directly from their email programs (like Outlook, Mac Mail or Gmail.) 

Other Options

For discussion forums (listserves)

We recommend that all listserve adminstrators review their settings, to make sure your list works the way you want, right from the start.

Who gets replies?

"Who gets replies?" screenshot

Some lists are really a discussion forum; both the original message and its replies are meant to be seen by everyone. Other lists are more like a centralized message board where people go to connect; everyone should see the original message, but replies should go to the sender only.

Confirm New Subscribers

Confirm New Subscribers screenshot

If your list is for organization members only, discusses a private subject matter, or you simply want to ask people a question before adding them to the list, send them for admin review. Most lists have open subscription, and new addresses are added right away.

Review Messages (moderation)

"Review Messages" screenshot

Nearly all discussion lists have their messages sent right away. However, the larger your list gets, the more we recommend admins review mail first with moderation -- 500 people who have all been annoyed can generate a lot of mail! Moderation can also be used temporarily if an argument is getting out of hand / flooding people's mailboxes with messages.

Web Archives

 "Web Archives" screenshot

Web archives are a great way to allow subscribers who are just joining a list to review topics that have already been discussed. If your discussions are a public resource, like for an open source project, you will want public archives. Most lists find that archives that are for subscribers only strike the balance between usefulness and privacy. Web archives that are not available are still archived for the list administrators; they are just not available to the subscribers.

Other Options

  • Add additional people who can log in, change list settings or approve held messages as Administrators
  • Add information to the message footer at Message Format
  • Keep list subscribers from sending certain types of messages at Posting Restrictions 


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