Step 4: Import your list of email addresses

Once your account is active, you will be able to import your subscribers. For a step-by-step tour of the importer, check out our video screencast on importing your subscribers.  Prefer written help information instead of a video?  Keep reading!

You can import your addresses in 3 forms:

  • Paste a list of addresses
  • Upload a .txt file of addresses only (one email address per line)
  • Upload a .csv or Excel file (this may have addresses only, or addresses plus additional information)

The additional information about your subscribers may be their names, tracking IDs you want to use to associate them with records in your own database, or any other information you wish to use as custom fields.

Step 1: Add Addresses

Begin by selecting the list you want to add subscribers to. 

Then, select your Import action. You may:

Add: This will look for any new addresses, and add them to your subscriber list. This is usually the import action you will use.

Replace: This replaces your existing subscribers with the addresses found in the file you provide. First, any new addresses found in the file are added to the list. Then, any existing addresses that are not found in the file are removed -- except for listowners, moderators or post-only addresses.

Invite: New addresses in this file will be sent an email invitation. The invitation, which you can customize, contains a link. If the invitee clicks on the link, they can subscribe to your list. *Invited subscribers are listed as "pending" until they subscribe to the list.)

For all actions, if the file contains addresses that are already on the list, they will not be subscribed a second time. Custom fields for existing subscribers will be updated. 

Import Source: Paste Addresses

Select Paste Addresses; a text box will appear. Please paste the addresses you wish to import there. 

When you're done, click


Your addresses will begin importing immediately.

Confirm import (address only) screenshot

Import Source: Upload a File

Upload a File is selected by default, so you can select a file from your computer by clicking the "Browse..." button. Listbox can import subscribers in .txt (plain text or tab-delimited), .csv (Comma Separated Values) or Excel files. A tab-delimited, comma-delimited or Excel file must be used when importing custom fields.

Click the button to review how many addresses we think we're trying to import before starting.

Step 2: Preview Your Import

Before we actually change your subscriber list, you must preview your import.

On the right side of the screen, we give your Import Details:

  • list
  • action (add, replace or invite)
  • and how many entries we found in the file you provided.

Please make sure this looks correct. For instance, if you think you're only adding 50 subscribers, and we say we found 5,000, you may have provided the wrong file.

 If you've only included addresses, you'll see:

It looks like your import only includes email addresses, so let's get started! Just click "Start My Import" below to begin importing.

Click "Start My Import" at the bottom right of the screen, and we'll start the import.

Add Subscribers import table screenshot

If you used a CSV or Excel file with additional fields, you need to review the custom fields we found, and what we are planning to do with them. We display 2 sample rows so that you can make sure everything looks ok.

For every field, we'll display:

  • Field Name, which is any labels you included.  If you didn't provide any, this will say "no name provided".
  • Save To, where you can tell us either "Don't Save This", or, if it should be saved, where.
  • Example 1 & Example 2, which shows you two sample rows, in case you can't remember what your labels indicate.

The basic Listbox "Save To" options are:

  • Email Address - the email address we send list mail to
  • Alternate Email Address - for discussion lists, this address may be used to send mail to the list, but does not receive list mail
  • Subscription Name - The subscriber's name as one field (You may prefer to set up First and Last names as custom fields instead.)
  • My Tracking ID - If you have a tracking ID for your subscribers, you should put it in this field
  • Don't Save This - If your file contains a field that you don't want to upload, tell us to ignore it, and it will not be added to our database
  • Other - If your file contains another field you do want to upload, select "Other", then type in a name for that field.

The only field that is required for every import is "Email Address". Subscribers cannot be uploaded without an email address. All other fields are optional, and you may enter them if you want.

Once you have confirmed that we are importing everything as the correct field, click "Start My Import" to begin.

What happens next?

Once you click "Start My Import", Listbox begins processing your subscribers based on your instructions. Once we have processed all your subscribers, we will send you an email, telling you how many people were added, and how many are now on your list. If there were any subscribers who could not be added, we will include a file containing the entries we could not process, along with the reason we could not process them. You should be able to correct any issues, then upload just the problem subscribers again.

You can also check the status of your import under Pending Requests. This link should appear at the top of the Subscribers page for 24 hours after you begin your import, so you can see if it is Waiting in Line, Taken or Completed.

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