Step 5: Add a subscription form to your website

To add a subscription form to your website, just click here to get the HTML needed to add the form to your website.

Subscription form generator screenshot

Form Type

  • Subscribe Only: This will request the email address, plus any custom fields you've specified, of the person wishing to join. You can mark any field required.¬† If a field is marked "required", we will not accept subscribers who do not provide that information.
  • Unsubscribe Only: This will only request the email address of the person wishing to unsubscribe.
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe: This will request the email address and fields, then allow the person to indicate if they wish to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Feedback Type

  • Show feedback on the same page (limited): Your form will submit to Listbox. We will try to redirect back to your site, and report it was successful, or it failed. It does not show why it failed.
  • Show feedback on the Listbox site (detailed): A more detailed success or error message will be shown, telling the subscriber exactly what to expect next.
  • Specify where we should send subscribers (manual): You provide a URL for a page where successful subscriptions go, and an (optional) URL for where errors go. If you do not provide an error URL, those are shown on the Listbox site.

Form Fields

The only field always included on a subscription form is, of course, email address. You can also choose to collect additional fields. If you don't have any fields set up, add them on the Custom Fields page. Fields that you have designated as required are checked by default, and should not be unchecked.

Click "Get Your Form" to get the HTML you'll include on your own website.

Form Preview

On the following page, you'll see a preview of the form on the right hand side of the page. Make sure it has all the fields and options you're looking for. Then copy the Subscription Form HTML, and paste it into the source code of the page where you would like it to appear.

The form HTML includes a default CSS style sheet, designed to work with a large range of site styles. You are, of course, welcome to modify the styling of the form to match your site. Just don't change any of the form names!

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