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Getting started as a new listowner on an existing list can sometimes be more overwhelming than starting a new list. Your list is already running, and it's your job to keep it moving smoothly. But if you've never run a list before, you may not even know what you are supposed to be taking care of. Hopefully, this will help!


One of the biggest job of every listowner is managing list subscribers. With Listbox, subscribers can manage most of their own options on the web. If you weren't previously a member of your list, take a look at

Because you are a listowner, you have a password to access this area. Most list subscribers don't, though, so if they come here and enter the list email address and their email address, they can log in. (If you have the Modify Your Subscription link in your message footer, subscribers who click on it will be automatically be logged in to their settings without having to enter the list email address or their address.)

Get more details about Subscription Options available on the web for list subscribers.

All the options available to list subscribers on that page are also available to you on their subscriber page. To access a subscriber page, just go to the Subscriber List and click on the subscriber's email address, or search for them at the top of the page.

To add and remove subscribers, you can either import subscribers from a file, or paste addresses into the add/remove box. Both options can be found on the Subscribers page, as soon as you log in.

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One of the biggest duties of listowners is sending messages. You can use the Listbox Composer to send a message at any time. If you want to have another listowner help you with a message, make sure you share your draft, so they can view it, too.

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If your list accepts messages via email, you may also receive moderation requests. This is a confirmation email for messages we aren't sure we should send to the list. If we need to confirm a message, you'll get an email with the Subject:

Subject: [MODERATE test-mt]

Following the link in that message will take you to a page where you can review the message, and decide whether to send it to the list or delete it.

If you're getting a lot of these messages, you may need to check the posting restrictions for your list.

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Hopefully, you've gotten a quick overview of the most important options for listowners. The Help section has lots of information about what Listbox has to offer, so we hope you'll take some time to check out other articles that might be important for your list.

And remember, we're always here to help! If you have a question that isn't answered here, just Contact Us!

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