Help! I've just been added as a moderator!

Being added as a new moderator to an existing list can be somewhat daunting. But have no fear; being a moderator is a snap!

How To Moderate

Your job is to review messages before they go out to the list. Any time a list message needs to be checked, you'll get an email. The email will include 2 parts:

Our Instructions This tells you, "Hey, look over this message and tell us if we should send it." It includes a link that will take you to our website. This is handy if your email program doesn't display the full message, or you've received several moderation requests all at once.

The Message to be Checked The full text of the list message that needs to be reviewed will be included. Please take a look at this message! If you approve messages without checking their content first, sooner or later, you will approve something that shouldn't have been sent.

Once you've looked at the message (or you've decided you're going to look at the message at the Listbox web site), just click the link in the instructions. It will take you to a page displaying the message we're asking you to review. You will see:

  • The From: email address
  • The message Subject: (which you can edit before sending)
  • The Message Delivery Time (which you can set before sending)

    1. Send To trial test: This will send the message to the list. If you do not choose a delivery time for your message, it will be sent as soon as you click this button.

    2. Discard: This message will be discarded, and not sent to the list.

Once you've handled this message, we will take you to the next message that needs moderation. This way, you can review all the messages that may need moderation. You can also view them as a list, and delete or send multiple messages at a time.


Hopefully, you've gotten a quick overview of the most important task for moderators. The Help section has lots of information about what Listbox has to offer, so we hope you'll take some time to check out other articles that might be important for your list.

And remember, we're always here to help! If you have a question that isn't answered here, just Contact Us!

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