How much will Listbox cost me?

Listbox charges by account. This means you are charged across all the lists on your account, and it adjusts to your actual usage each month.

Account (low-volume) pricing includes a monthly charge of $15, and charges by the number of deliveries. It includes the first 5,000 deliveries to the lists on your account. Additional deliveries are $3/1,000 deliveries up to the first 100,000 deliveries, $2.50/1,000 deliveries up to the first 200,000 deliveries, and $2/1,000 deliveries over 200,000 deliveries. 

Discussion lists (listserves) may have single list pricing. Single list pricing is deprecated at this time, and does not provide access to the full range of Listbox features. If you are on a single list plan, please contact Customer Support for details about your account.

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