Adding additional lists to your account

To add a new list to your account, just click the "Set Up a New List" button on the Account page.  You can view a video screencast on how to create a new list.  Or, if you prefer a text explanation, read on!

Only account administrators can add new lists. If you are not an account administrator, please ask one to add a new list for you.

Provide a List Name and List ID for the list you are creating.  Your list name will be displayed to subscribers in system messages we send regarding their subscription, and can also be included in your message footer.  Your List ID will be used by any administrators who wish to log in directly to that list.

How will you add subscribers? decides whether this is a standard list, or a segment. A standard list gets its subscribers from a file you import, or people signing up for it.  A segment uses another list (or all the addresses on your account), plus criteria like when the address was added, what domain it is at, or other options, to build a "smart list".

Most lists are standard lists, and should choose "From addresses I've collected or a form on my website".  If you are importing subscribers from your database, though, and wish to segment based on information you're providing, you may want to select "From a segment of my existing subscribers".

If you've chosen "from addresses I've collected", List Settings will provide the settings for the new list. If it should have the same settings as one of your existing lists, just select that list. If it should use the Listbox default settings, you can choose either "Email Marketing List", which only allows mail from administrators, or "Discussion Forum List", which allows mail from any list subscriber.

If you've chosen "from a segment", now you wil select the list that we should Segment From Members Of. You can also choose "all the lists on my account", which is the first option.  If your lists have fields which you update, and includes custom fields, you may wish to use this as the basis for a segment. For instance, you might have a master list that included the parents for all the students at your school. If each parent also had a "Class" field associated with their subscription, you could then build segments for each class. If you choose "From a segment of my existing subscribers", clicking "Submit" will take you to a form where you can build rules for your segment.

Create a New Segment

The segment creator displays 3 items.

  1. The list, which you selected on the previous screen, that the segment's subscribers will be drawn from.
  2. The source of the segment's settings (an Email Marketing List, a Discussion Forum list, or one of the lists on your account)
  3. The rules we should use to build the list segment.

The rules you can select are:

  • When the subscriber joined the list (either before or after a particular date)
  • When the subscriber left a list (before or after a particular date)
  • If subscriber was: invited, an administrator, marked bouncing
  • If the address is at a particular domain (like or
  • If the subscriber's status is: active, inactive or no-email
  • Or, if you use custom fields, if the custom field matches the information you provide (For instance, "Class of" is "2013".)

You may add up to 10 rules, and select if we should check for any of the rules, or all of them.  Before you can save your segment, you must first "Preview", to make sure the rules you've set up build the list of addresses you're expecting.  Once your preview looks correct, just click "Create Segment" to create your new list.

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