Your Account, and Account Admininstrators

Your Account tab allows you to manage all the lists on your account, and is visible to account administrators. Account administrators have listowner privileges for all lists on their account. If you do not have an Account tab, you are a listowner or moderator, and may only access the list or lists you are administrating.

Accounts may have up to 5 account administrators. On the Account tab, account administrators may:

  • update the Organization name and address for the account
  • add, remove and update account administrators
  • make payment and view the account payment history
  • view active and inactive lists on the account
  • create new lists

What is the difference between an account administrator and a listowner?

An account administrator has full administrative privileges for all lists on an account, has access to all lists and can create new lists immediately. A listowner has administrative authority on their list, but cannot create new lists, and cannot view or modify other lists on their account. To add an account administrator or a listowner, please go to Administrators for the list that you wish that person to administrate.

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