How can I keep my subscriber list in sync with my own records?

If you have been collecting your list of addresses manually, you may find it easier to have us manage your subscriber list, and just export the list of addresses when you need it.

But many of our accounts already maintain their list of addresses using another program, like Outlook or another address book program, Excel, or a database.  If you would like to continue maintaining your own copy of your subscribers, it's important that both our copy and your copy stay in sync, or match. 

We automatically remove people when their addresses are bouncing and when they report your list messages as spam. Subscribers can also request to be removed from your list using the Unsubscribe Now or Modify your Subscription link at the bottom of each list message. Additionally, members can update their email addresses with us.  So, you'll want to make sure that you know about these changes, too.

You have your list in Excel or Outlook or another address book program

We recommend that you upload your current list to us, then let us manage your list going forward. You can add a subscription form to your website, add new subscribers individually from the Subscribers page, or upload new files when you get a bunch of new addresses. You can also download a copy of your list at any time, so you can always be sure that you have a complete copy of all the information we have.

You have your list in a database

If you are currently using a database to track your subscribers, or to integrate them with other parts of your organization, then continuing to add them to your database, and doing regular imports makes the most sense for you. You will also want to do regular exports, so that you can keep track of people who have asked to be unsubscribed, updated their email address, or reported your list as spam.

About Importing

You will probably want to do imports before all your posts, or on some regularly scheduled interval (like once a month.) If you will also be tracking unsubscribe requests in your database, you will want to choose to "Replace Your List With These Subscribers", which will remove any subscribers that we think are on the list, that are not included in your file. (Please be aware that subscribers who unsubscribe through us, report you as spam, or bounce off the list will not be re-added, even if they are in your new file.)

When you import a new subscriber file, we recommend including any tracking number you may already have assigned to that person (so that you can track any changes to their email address.) When importing, use the drop-down provided to mark this field "Unique Identifier".

You can also include any other fields you may wish to include in the list message, like First Name, Last Name, etc. The importer will help you assign that information to Subscriber Info fields.

About Exporting

You will want to do regular exports to make sure any bounceouts, spam complaints or unsubscribe requests that come in to us are reflected in your database. You will also want to update any changes to email addresses that subscribers may have made through our website. Just export your subscriber list to be imported into Excel. This will export a complete copy of all the data we have about your subscribers, including the reason they were removed from your list.

If you have included a tracking number, you should be able to use that number to match our records to the records in your own database, making sure both copies are up-to-date.

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