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Account Settings affect all the lists in a billing group, and can only be edited by (and visible to) Account Administrators. As it is not list-specific settings, you will find the link for it in the Account section, as "Billing Address & Settings". If you are not an account administrator, and need to edit one of the settings on this page, please check the Administrators page to see who to contact.

"All-List Opt Out" screenshot

All-List Opt Out determines whether unsubscribe requests should be handled on a list-by-list basis, or if it should unsubscribe the requesting address from all lists on your account. If you are doing email marketing, and build different lists for each campaign, or your lists are only used to send one or a few messages, selecting Account-Wide is a better choice. If your account has lists with little overlap between subscribers, or very distinct topics, and are long-running, with messages sent at least once a month, then List-by-list is a better choice.

About Your Organization should be kept up-to-date with your organization name and address. This address should match the billing address on the credit card you use to pay for Listbox.

Invoice Recipients should specify the email address where email invoices are sent. By default, this will be the email address of the person who set up the account, but it can be changed at any time.

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