About This List

About This List controls the most basic list options.

Every list has two basic identifiers: a List Name and a List ID.

Your List Name is for humans.  It should be a word or short phrase that clearly identifies your list to its subscribers. For instance, a reunion announcement list might have the name "Class of '74 25th Reunion". A hotel might use "Bolingbroke Inn Special Offers".

Listbox will use the List Name in system messages, like subscription and unsubscription confirmations. You can also choose to have it displayed in the footer of your message, next to the Unsubscribe / Modify your Subscription link required in every email.

Your List ID is like a username: a short login name for your list. For instance, you might use "classof74" or "bolingbroke". If you permit messages to be sent to your list via email, your list's email address will be the ID @listbox.com, like classof74@listbox.com.

Lists which accept messages via email (discussion forums, or marketing/newsletter lists that are composer + email) will also see their list email address displayed. If you would like your list email address to be at a domain or subdomain you control, find out more about adding a custom domain to your account. 

List Status displays when your list was created, and allows you to deactivate it (or reactivate it.)


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