Administrators shows all the Account Administrators, Listowners and Moderators for the list you are viewing. It also shows a chart of the features each one of those administrators can access.

Account Administrators have full access privileges on all lists on an account. They are the only administrators with access to the billing records for an account, and they are the only ones who can create new lists. They can also determine whether a list uses shared settings or not. If a list uses shared settings, they are the only ones who can modify the shared settings.

Listowners can modify individual list settings, add, remove and edit subscribers, and send mail to the list.

Moderators can use the composer to send mail, and approve messages held for review.

Members are subscribers without any special privileges.

To add a new administrator, just enter the email address of the person you are adding, and choose their access level. Only Account Administrators can add new Account Administrators.

To change the administration level for an existing admin, just click the label for the level they should be moved to.

To remove all administrative privileges for an admin, select the "Member" label.

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