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Message Format lets you make changes to messages submitted to your List ID, before distributing them to your subscribers. If your marketing or newsletter allows messages from theĀ Composer Only, you won't see this page -- you can change all your formatting in the Listbox Composer.

To: is an available option for discussion lists only. You may choose the message recipient (which canĀ improve deliverability) or the list email address (which can make it easier for subscribers to filter it.) Either option can be preferable.

From: should almost always be set to "The Message Sender". However, if you are sending a marketing message, and your email program isn't sending mail from a name or address your customers will recognize, you may want to change it to "Other", and specify a name and email address that might be more recognizable, like your company name and your sales or customer service email address. In very limited circumstances, a discussion list may prefer to have messages come From: the list address, but it effectively hides who sent the message, so it can make having a discussion nearly impossible.

Reply-To specifies what should happen when someone hits "Reply" to your list message in their email progam.

If you're running a discussion forum, this is usually set to either "List Name", if everyone on the list should get a copy of replies, or "The Message Sender", if your forum is one where responses should usually be directed only to the person who sent the original message.

If you're sending email marketing, you will probably want to select either "The List Owners", if you and all the other administrators should get a copy of the message, "The Message Sender", if replies should go to the address where the message came from, or "Other", if you'd prefer to specify your company's sales, customer service or marketing address, or another alternate address.

If you regularly receive many responses to your messages, and you want to provide further information, you may also want to choose "Autoreply Address". You can set up an automatic response that we will send to everyone who replies to your list message. In that message, you can provide the additional information.

If you aren't sure what Reply-To address is right for you, contact Customer Support with your situation, and we'd be happy to help figure out what option is best for you!

Subject: will add a prefix to the beginning of any message you send to the list, like a tag. If you run a high-volume list, or a discussion forum, this tag can be useful so your subscribers can quickly identify your messages in their Inbox. Lower-volume lists should not need to use it.

Because the prefix is added at the beginning of the subject, it should be both short and clearly not part of the actual subject. We recommend using your List ID in brackets, like [classof74].

Message Footer Text is appended to the end of every list message. You can type custom text into the text box, and specify which links Listbox includes using the checkboxes.

Message Footer settings screenshot

Your message footer must contain a way for subscribers to leave your list. At least one of the "Unsubscribe Now" (which removes subscribers immediately) or the "Modify Your Subscription" (which allows subscribers to update their email address, change their list settings or unsubscribe) links must be included in all Listbox mail. You may include both, if you like.

If you send commercial email, like email advertising services, products or businesses, or promoting events that will cost money, the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act requires that your business address and telephone number also appear in the footer of your message.

In addition to this required information, your message footer is an excellent place to put links to your own website, information about your organization, and frequency of your list messages. For instance, Bob's BBQ Shack might have the following footer:

BBQ News is a bi-weekly newsletter from Bob's BBQ Shack, with news, upcoming specials and coupons! Forward to a friend, or have them subscribe today.

Bob's BBQ Shack, 100 W. 173rd St., Houston, TX 12345 | Place your order online or call us at 215-123-4567!

BBQ News | Modify Your Subscription | Unsubscribe Now

If you are running a discussion forum, you may also want to include a privacy policy or request that people not redistribute your message.

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