Using Shared Settings

Shared Settings are a great way to make sure that all the lists on your account behave the same way. Because Shared Settings can affect many lists on an account, they can only be activated, deactivated and edited by Account Administrators. (Listowners can view the settings for a list that uses shared settings, but cannot change them.)

To activate Shared Settings, go to List Policies for any list on your account. (Select one whose existing settings are closest to the ones you would like all your shared lists to use.) Click the Shared Settings button at the top of the page.

Shared Settings toggle screenshot

You should now see an alert at the top of the page saying "This list uses shared settings. Changes must be made by editing Shared Settings." Clicking on this will allow you to set up the settings that all lists who you switch to Shared Settings will use. Make sure these are set up the way you want them before you start switching more lists to Shared Settings! Which settings won't be shared?

To switch more lists to Shared Settings, click the listname at the top of the page, switch to another list, and click the Shared Settings button for that list.

List picker screenshot

If you have a list that needs to have different settings than the ones you are using as your Shared Settings, just keep their "Share Settings With Other Lists" set to "Individual List Settings". Why wouldn't a list use shared settings?

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