Should I keep message archives for my subscribers?

You may choose to allow subscribers to see old messages sent to your list, by providing a subscriber archive. (Full archives of every message sent to your list are always available to you and other list administrators under the Messages section.)

Keep Public Archives makes your messages available to anyone to whom you provide the archive URL.

"Discourage crawling" means well-behaved web crawlers will not scan and archive your posts for search engines like Google. "Permit crawling" means web crawlers can scan your archives. Please keep in mind that, as public archives require no authentication, web crawlers that are not well-behaved can (and will) scan all your archives.  If you do not wish to have your messages scanned by third parties, we strongly encourage using private archives instead.

Keep Private Archives makes your messages available to anyone who can provide the List ID and an email address of a list member. If you are running a discussion forum (where all subscribers can send email), this is the best option.

If you select either of these options, you may also choose to include a link to the archives in the footer of your list messages.

Don't Keep Archives For This List means that subscribers are not able to view a collection of messages on the web. If your list primarily sends marketing campaigns, this is the best option for you. (Messages sent from the Listbox Composer will still have the "view this message on the web" link if you choose this option -- subscribers just can't go to one place to see all the messages you've sent to your list.)

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