How can I add a new list to my account?

Only account administrators can add new lists. If you are not an account administrator, please ask one to add a new list for you.

To add a new list to your account, just click the "Create A List" button on the Account page.

Provide a List Name and List ID for the list you are creating.

List Settings will provide the settings for the new list. If it should use the Listbox default settings, you can choose either "Email Marketing List", which only allows mail from administrators, or "Discussion Forum List", which allows mail from any list subscriber. If it should have the same settings as one of your existing lists, you can select that list, too. 

How will you add subscribers? decides whether this is a standard list, or a segment of one of your existing lists. A standard list gets its subscribers from a file you import, or people signing up for it. Most lists are standard lists. If you choose "From addresses I've collected or a form on my website", clicking "Submit" will create a standard list immediately, and you will be taken to the Settings page for that list.

However, if you have a master list, which you update, and includes custom fields, you may wish to use this as the basis for a segment. For instance, you might have a master list that included the parents for all the students at your school. If each parent also had a "Class" field associated with their subscription, you could then build segments for each class. If you choose "From a segment of my existing subscribers", clicking "Submit" will take you to a segment builder. You cannot add addresses "by hand" to segments; they have to have the elements you lay out for the segment. (The only exception to this is list administrators, as list administrators are always subscribed to lists they administrate.)

What options can I use for creating my sublist?

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