Set up No-Email subscribers

No-email subscribers are usually set up for a couple of reasons:

Subscribers who wish to read archives or the RSS feed Some subscribers may prefer to read the list on the web or through their feed reader. No-email subscribers can access private list archives without having to also receive the messages via email.

People who can post to discussion lists, but do not wish to read them. You may have staffers in your organization who should be able to send messages to a discussion list (like announcements), but who do not wish to participate in the day-to-day conversations of the list, and are not list administrators.

How to switch a list subscriber to no-email

To switch a list subscriber to no-email, just click their email address on the Subscriber List. On that page, you can switch their Subscription Status to "No Email".

List subscribers can switch themselves Once subscribed, subscribers can switch their subscription status to no-email on the Subscriber Settings page.

*Please note: Like listowners and moderators, no-email subscribers are not removed from your subscription list when replacing your list from the importer. This is to allow you to replace your subscriber file without having to set up any special email addresses each time.

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