How do subscribers become inactive?

There are 5 ways subscribers can become inactive. You can find out how a particular subscriber was removed from your list by exporting your subscriber list and having the list formatted to be imported into Excel. The "comment" field will indicate why the subscriber was removed from your list.


Bouncing (bounceout): If a list subscriber's address sends back a bounce message (receipt of non-delivery) when we try to deliver list mail, we take note of it. Based on your list settings, subscribers are automatically removed after a certain number of consecutive bounces.

By List Subscriber Request

If list subscribers remove themselves from your list, you cannot re-add them. They must re-add themselves by going to

Unsubscribing (user-confirmed request): Every list must have either an "Unsubscribe Now" or a "Modify Your Subscription" link. Subscribers can use either of those links to remove themselves from your list.

Submitting a Spam Complaint: If a subscriber submits a spam complaint about a list message, they will automatically be removed from the list.

Administrator Request

Using "Replace Your List" When Importing (importer batch removal): If, instead of adding subscribers to your list, you indicate that we should replace your existing subscriber list when you do an import, any address not in the new file will be unsubscribed from the list.

Listowner Unsubscribe: You may use the text box on the Subscribers page or the settings on the individual member's page to unsubscribe someone from one of your lists.

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