What options can subscribers get in the member self-service section?

Once added to your list, your subscribers have access to a wide range of tools to help them manage their subscription and get the most out of your list.

As a listowner, you're also a list subscriber! So, log in to http://www.listbox.com/member/ and see it for yourself!


When subscribers log in, they are automatically taken to the settings page. There, subscribers can:

  • leave the list
  • update their email address
  • switch to no-email (so they can read archives or the RSS feed)
  • switch to a daily or weekly digest (if your list has digests available)
  • suspend list delivery (for people going on vacation)

If you have set up custom fields, they can update their information in those fields. They can also review some information about their subscription, like when they joined the list, what their RSS feed URL would be, and if they are the member of any other list.


At the top right of the settings page, you'll see navigation to allow subscribers to view the list archives.

The archives both display messages on the web, and allow subscribers to subscribe to an RSS feed of the list. They allow subscribers to keep track of messages, even after they've deleted the email, or re-download an attachment they might need. Archives are collected by month, and can be searched.

You can also add a link to the message footer, so subscribers can go directly from a message to the archives.

One-click Unsubscribe

If you're running email marketing campaigns, we recommend using one-click unsubscribe. Making it easy for subscribers to leave your list means your list messages are less likely to be reported as spam by frustrated subscribers.

While one-click unsubscribe happens on the web, it can only be accessed by the "Unsubscribe Now" link you add to your message footer

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