What happens when a subscriber tries to join my list?

Subscribers may request to add themselves to your list by:

Once they have filled in their email address, a confirmation message will be sent to that address, to prevent abuse of the Listbox system by mailbombers and other malicious users. The subscriber can either click the link included in the message, or reply to the list message.

Once they have been subscribed to the list, they will receive a welcome message. It contains instructions for unsubscribing from the list, but you may also want to include important information about your list for new subscribers.

You may add new subscribers to your list at any time through any of the means described above, or through this interface. If you use this interface, you may also import subscribers from a file.

If you do not want users to receive a confirmation message, you must subscribe them yourself through this interface. Complaints of unsolicited email triggered by addresses you subscribe yourself will be treated very seriously; you are responsible for verifying addresses that you import actually wish to join your list. Reports that an address did not wish to be added to your list may result in the termination of your account.


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