Can I collect information from my subscribers?

Do you need other information about your subscribers besides their email address? Creating custom fields is a great way to keep all your information about a subscriber together. Just name the fields you would like your subscribers to enter.

By default, subscribers are able to see and update the custom fields on their account. This is great for things like first and last name, address or other contact information.

You may also want to include information for yourself and other account admins, like tracking or category information. If you want to do this, please make sure you set that custom field to be "private". Private fields are not visible to list subscribers, only to admins.

Once you've added your fields, the subscription form will change to include any new public fields. Just replace any existing web forms you might have on your site with the new HTML, and new subscribers will be prompted to enter that information when they sign up. They can also modify that information at any time while modifying their subscription.

You can also fill in those fields for existing subscribers. To update information for just one subscriber, just click on their email address on the Subscriber List page. To update a group at once, please use an Excel file to import custom fields for existing subscribers.

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