Inserting a subscriber name (or other custom field)

If you've uploaded subscribers' names or other information you wish to insert into your message content, you can start using it in your next message!

You can add fields in two ways:

  1. Import a subscriber file that includes the fields you want, and information for your subscribers
  2. Create a custom field, and have subscribers enter their information

Once the field is set up, it will be available in the third row of the composer editor, in a drop-down labeled "Custom Fields".  Just select the field you want, and it will be inserted into your message at the cursor point.

If you would prefer to type it in, or use custom fields in a message you send via email, cach field you upload is accessible in an [INFO] variable. So, for instance, if you have a field called "First Name", beginning your message with


would display for your subscriber Susan Jones:

Dear Susan,

When you set up custom fields, you can also set up a default value for every field, so that subscribers without that field would not have a blank space. For the example above, for instance, you might want to make the default "Customer", so it would say:

Dear Customer,

for any subscribers without name information filled in.

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