Why wasn't my message/campaign sent out?

If a message is being held: A message being held should show the reason it was held. If the reason is "no flags matched", your default setting is for messages to be held for review. Generally, the reason "no flags matched" is because the message was not sent from an approved address, whether that is a list of specifically approved addresses, or a valid list subscriber. Please review your Posting Restrictions

If the message sender received a bounce: Please forward the bounced message to support@listbox.com with full headers for more information.

If a message is discarded: A message being discarded should show the reason we discarded it. If the message came from someone who should be able to send mail to the list, this is almost certainly because our spam filtering system identified the message as spam.

The filtering system we use is run by Cloudmark, and it is also used by all 10 of the top 10 ISPs in the US. If the message was picked up by us as spam, it will likely be picked up as spam by your subscribers' ISPs. We recommend reviewing the content to see if there is anything in the message that could be triggering a spam filter. If you think the message content is completely unobjectionable, please contact Customer Service so that we can submit a support request to Cloudmark to find out what may be triggering the issue. Please note that it does take approximately one business day for us to get an answer from them.

That being said, you can release the message for delivery unmodified. Just click the button marked "Send to Your List".

If the sender did not receive a bounce, it was not discarded and it is not in the Held archive: Generally, this is because the message was misaddressed. Please confirm that the message is being sent to the correct email address. If you are sure that the message is being sent to the right address, please CC support@listbox.com on your next attempt so that we can trace what is happening to the message.

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