How can I send a message (campaign) to my subscribers?

There are 3 methods for sending a message to a Listbox list.

  1. Use the Listbox Message Composer to send a message, using a template.
  2. Use the "Send Web Page" option in the Listbox Composer.  This asks you for the URL of a web page, and turns that into an email message.  (The composer is used to set up elements like the From: address, Subject and more.)
  3. Send a message from your favorite email program (like Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail or any other email program or webmail service.)

All accounts have access to the Message Composer.  If you would like to be able to send a message from your favorite email program, please go to Settings->About This List, and make sure that "How will messages be sent to the list?" is set to either "Administrators can send email" (for email marketing campaigns) or "All Subscribers can send email" (for discussion listserves).

Check out our video screencasts on sending a message:

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