How can I change the credit card used for monthly payments?

On the left side of the Account section, you will see a section marked "Your Balance".  If your balance is $0.00, you should see a link that says "Update Credit Card".  Clicking that link will take you to a form where you can update the credit card we bill monthly. If your account has a balance, click the link marked "Make Payment" to pay your balance.  Your account will be automatically updated to use the new credit card provided for future charges as well.

When you update your credit card, please make sure that the billing address for that credit card matches the billing address we have on record for you.  If the new credit card is billed to a different address, please follow the link to "Update Your Billing Address" as well.

We accept payments using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and UnionPay.

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