Building your own template

If you are proficient with HTML, or have a web designer you use regularly, you may wish to design your own templates from scratch.

To use your own template, you will provide us with a file called body.htm, which should include the HTML structure of your message with any CSS inline.

Your template will indicate editable sections using the following div ID tags:

  • listboxUserTitle
  • listboxUserHeader1 through listboxUserHeader9
  • listboxUserTextBlock1 through listboxUserTextBlock9

Any elements not inside one of these blocks cannot be edited.  However, you are welcome to include static elements, like links to your site, social media, your address, etc. outside the editable blocks.  To include a link 

The listboxUserHeader and listboxUserTextBlock elements do not need to all use the same CSS.  CSS classes can be applied per-block, if you desire.  However, styling within blocks must all the same, and applied to the block div, not elements inside them.

Designing an HTML email template has some limitations.  For instance, it is generally recommended that HTML emails have a maximum width of 660 pixels.  We recommend you check out our suggestions for self-designed templates when designing your template as well as variables that can be inserted into your templates.

Once your template is designed, we also recommend testing it through, to confirm that you like the way it looks in different email programs.

Because templates need to interact with our composer, they must be sent to Listbox, and reviewed by customer support before they are available for use in the composer.  To reduce the possibility of delay, please send us your template one business day before you plan to create your first message using it.

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