Help for Subscribers

1. For All Subscribers
2. For Discussion Forums (listserves)

1.1. How do I get off a list?

The bottom of every Listbox message should include one of two links, "Unsubscribe Now" or "Modify Your Subscription".  Clicking "Unsubscribe Now" will remove you immediately.  Clicking "Modify Your Subscription" will take you to the subscriber dashboard. 

On the subscriber dashboard, there will be a big red button at the top of the screen that says "Unsubscribe Now".  Clicking that will remove you.

If you are on any other lists, you will see a list of them at the bottom of the screen.  At the bottom of that list is a link that says "Unsubscribe from all lists".  Clicking that will remove you from all the lists shown.

1.2. About the Listbox Dashboard

Listbox provides a web interface for subscribers at

There, you can see what email address we have on record for you, as well as other information stored on your subscription.  You can update all this information.  You can also:

  • unsubscribe from the list
  • unsubscribe from all lists on that account (if there's more than one)
  • put your subscription "on vacation" -- we'll restart it on the date you provide

If available, you can also view the web archives for your list.  Subscribers on lists with web archives can also choose to only read messages on the web or via RSS.

1.3. What is Listbox's opt-out policy?

If you unsubscribe (remove yourself) from a list, only you can re-add yourself to it. If you have reported a list message as spam, this is also treated as an unsubscribe.

If you would like to rejoin a list you have left, please go to the Listbox dashboard to resume your subscription.

2.1. How do I send a message?

Your listserve's email address is shown in the Status section of the Listbox dashboard for subscribers.  For many lists, you can also send a message to the whole list by replying to another list message.

2.2. What can't I send to my listserve?

Each list's exact policy is different, but, in general, you cannot send:

  • messages larger than 2MB (including attachments)
  • executable attachments
  • unsubscribe requests -- these should be sent to your list administrator instead

You also must send your list message from the address which is subscribed to the listserve. If you have more than one address you would like to be able to send mail from, you don't have to subscribe twice.  Just add the second address as an alternate address.

2.3. I want to be able to send mail from more than one address.

Listserves only accept messages from list subscribers.  They do so by checking to see if the email address sending the message is a subscribed address.  However, you may have multiple addresses that you wish to be able to send mail from, but only want to get list mail at one address. 

To support this, you can add an "alternate" posting address.  This alternate address won't receive a copy of list messages, but it will be included on the list of people who can send mail.  To add an alternate address to your subscription, just go to the subscriber dashboard, and put the second address that you should be able to send mail from in the block marked "Alternate Posting Address".

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